Marketing Mix 7 p's - Everything You Need To Know

So you want to have a great marketing campaign? Have you considered the marketing mix 7 p's? Here they are in case you need a quick and easy reference.


Obvious, right? People make or break any marketing campaign. After all, no matter what it may seem like to you, you're marketing to people and they take out their wallets to buy your products or services. Many people simply forget this. Don't be one of them.


This is a key word in anything related to marketing. Generally speaking the trick is to make each and every process your customer goes throug as easy for them as possible. What does that mean?

It means, for instance, that they don't have to fill out a 40 question survey just to purchase your product.

Always focus on simplifying the process for your prospective buyers.

Physical Evidence

Physical evidence might be a little harder to talk about because it depends so much on what you're promoting. Generally speaking, you want your customer to experience the product as much as possible, even before they pay you money through trials, samples, etc. It might seem hard to do, but really isn't. All you have to do is sit down and figure out a way for your customer to try your product so that he knows exactly what they're buying.


Your product is crucial. People say that a good product will sell on its own, and, in my humble opinion, it's very true. If your product is really great and benefits your clients, they'll spread the good news. They'll tell their friends and family. They'll even tell total strangers. They'll be very excited to shre your brand and name with others causing you to have a great windfall of cash and plenty of business.


Price tends to be a little tricky. Many people are often afraid to charge what they really should and constantly offer discounts. Let me tell you something: these are both very big no-no's that you should avoid like a plague. Charge what you're worth and never discount without a strong reason.


You remember the old "location, location, location"? This is exactly what this p's about. There is basically no point in doing any marketing if people can't see it, right? So make sure that you're noticed. Make sure that people you're trying to get to buy from you actually know you exist by selecting the right place


Promotion always comes last, because you should only start promoting your business once you have all the other p's in place. What are you going to tell people to encourage them to buy from you and how you're going to do it? Answer these two questions and you'll have a great plan for your promotion ready to use.

This is the marketing mix 7 p's. I know we've only touched upon them in this article, but I would like to invite you to take a look around this site to learn more about them.

Talk soon.